• I am a firearm owner and 100% pro-Second Amendment
  • The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.
  • As Governor, I will not sign any piece of legislation that restricts the rights of law abiding gun owners enshrined in our U.S. Constitution.
  • I support and treasure our Indiana Constitution’s unique right to ensure citizens’ rights to self-defense.
  • I support Constitutional Carry and would never sign legislation as Governor restricting or repealing it.


  • Our men and women of law enforcement are heroic public servants deserving of our full support and respect.
  • We currently have a shortage of Indiana State Police Troopers. I support raising salaries for law enforcement officers to attract and retain the best talent to keep our citizens safe. Hiring more police officers, retaining them, and fully empowering them to do their jobs is an essential strategy for lowering crime rates.
  • I do not support stripping qualified immunity protections that make it easier to unfairly sue law enforcement officers for doing their jobs.
  • Indianapolis currently ranks as the 12th most violent city in America. Under my Administration, we’ll remove Indianapolis from that list by removing violent criminals from the streets and empowering our law enforcement officers by establishing a bipartisan prosecutor review board to prevent rogue prosecutors from unilaterally defying our laws.


  • A husband, father, and faithful Christian, I am 100% pro-life and will be a champion for the unborn as Governor. It’s not just a religious issue for me, it’s a human rights issue.
  • Being pro-life also means I am also pro-mother, pro-child, and pro-family.
  • We will protect the vulnerable and make Indiana one of the first states in the nation to have zero-cost adoption.
  • I support the sustainment and creation of crisis pregnancy centers and local Safe Haven Baby Boxes.


  • Parents have the ultimate say when it comes to the well being of their children.
  • We have to protect our families and parental rights. The best form of government is self-government, and then it’s the family unit.
  • Teachers should teach. Parents should parent. Parents have a right to know what is being taught in the classroom, and I support all measures to ensure transparency in school curriculums.
  • I do not support life-altering, irreversible “gender affirming” surgeries, treatments, or therapies for minors under any circumstances.


  • We have to continue to address the opioid and fentanyl crises ravaging our communities and families.
  • I believe we have to protect the vulnerable and that means supporting all measures that stop the flow of fentanyl into Indiana homes, towns, and communities.
  • A Doden Administration will devote agency leadership and resources specifically to caring for individuals and families suffering from addiction.
  • I support the strongest sentencing guidelines possible for those convicted of importing or distributing fentanyl.