Eric Doden Announces ‘Doden’s Downtowns, Diners, and Dives’ Tour

FORT WAYNE, IN – Today, Eric Doden, GOP candidate for Governor, launches his “Downtowns, Diners, and Dives” statewide tour highlighting why our Hoosier small towns and hometowns are worth cherishing and revitalizing.

“You can take the boy out of the small town, but you can’t take the small town out of the boy. I’m the grandson of a preacher from Butler, Indiana,” says Doden.

“I’ve always had a passion for revitalizing our small towns, long before I ran for Governor, which is why I’ve made it a centerpiece of our campaign. Years ago, when I described the decline and neglect facing many of our small towns, someone sat across from me and said: ‘Why don’t we just let the small towns die?’”

Come along for the ride each week as Eric answers that question by showcasing the people, places, food, and stories that make our small towns and hometowns special. What would our state look like without them? We don’t plan to find out.

“When your hometown is suffering there is a part of you that is suffering. Many of our Main Streets are struggling. But many are thriving thanks to the resilience, creativity, and heart of the business owners, chefs, servers, and friendly faces who make them feel like home. We can’t be a state where only 3 or 4 counties are thriving. We have to be a state where all 92 counties are thriving. We’ve never had an economic development plan for the 2 million Hoosiers in our state living in communities with 30,000 people or less, but that’s going to change,” says Doden.

Prior to running for office, Doden served as President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and co-authored the book, “The Restoration of Van Wert Ohio: How Local Leaders Flipped the Script on Downtown Decline.” 

WATCH the premiere episode of Doden’s Downtowns, Diners and Dives below!

He’s Eric Doden, and he’s rolling out!

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