New Ad: Doden Calls for Reining in Property Taxes

FORT WAYNE, IN – Eric Doden has released a new ad outlining his plan to rein in property taxes for Hoosiers by strengthening property tax caps for Indiana seniors. 

In the ad, Doden shares a constant concern he has heard on the campaign trail: facing historic property tax hikes and inflation while living on fixed incomes is making home ownership unaffordable for far too many Indiana seniors. 

As governor, Doden will implement a bold and innovative plan that will strengthen caps on property taxes for seniors so they can continue to live in their own homes.

Let’s rein in property taxes and cap them for seniors. So they can stay in their own homes where they belong. That’s good for everyone, except the career politicians,” Eric Doden says in the ad. “They’ve proven they can’t fix the problem, but I will.”

Eric Doden will lead where career politicians have failed. Watch the new ad and read his plan below:

Eric Doden’s Plan to Rein in Property Taxes

  • Facts: In spite of Indiana’s existing property tax cap, last year, property taxes rose 16.7% on average for Hoosier homeowners. The current property tax “cap” is no longer creating the intended taxpayer protection.
  • Problem: Combined with consecutive years of inflation, the negative impact of property tax increases has created a cost-of-living crisis for many Hoosiers in recent years. This problem is especially true for seniors who face the uncertainty of property tax increases while living on a fixed income.
  • Solution: Hoosier property tax relief fund to allow eligible Hoosier seniors to freeze their out-of-pocket property tax payment levels and defer payment of any increase in property taxes owed until the eventual sale of their home or other eligible liquidity event. The fund will be used to provide state support for local governments to ensure priority services like police and fire protection remain fully funded until repayment is made by the homeowner.

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