WATCH – Hoosiers speak out against LEAP water pipeline, fight for transparency and accountability

FORT WAYNE, IN – Hoosier farmers, residents, and experts speak out for transparency and accountability against the proposed multi-billion dollar LEAP water pipeline, in a video released by the Doden campaign today.

“For far too long our state has prioritized giving huge tax breaks to corporations in and around Indianapolis while ignoring our regional cities, small towns, and rural communities. I support the local leadership and their calls for additional scrutiny of the IEDC’s $2 billion pipeline and plan pump millions of gallons of water from rural communities for this project,” Eric Doden said. 

Criticized for being planned in secrecy without community input or independent testing, this top-down project is rightly frustrating residents, leaders, and business owners.

Last week, the General Assembly refused to hear LEAP pipeline bills introduced by Tippecanoe County Legislators.

“It’s just devastating to think that instead of being supported as farmers, the state itself is attacking us,” Carly Sheets, a Tippecanoe County farmer’s wife, says in the video.

Last year, following community action, Tippecanoe County and their leaders enacted a local moratorium on the state’s multi-billion pipeline plan to pump water from West Central Indiana to its LEAP project. The state of Indiana followed suit and the planned pipeline is now paused until a water study is completed by the Indiana Finance Authority.

“Indianapolis insiders shouldn’t be picking winners and losers,” Doden said. “We need a 92-county plan that returns power to local leaders and residents who know their communities needs, strengths, and potential. We cannot reach our potential as a state if only a handful of counties are thriving. It is time for a new approach.”

WATCH: Hoosiers telling their stories and Eric’s grassroots vision for growing Indiana.

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