Fact Check: Mike Braun introduced legislation to make it easier for left-wing activists to sue police officers

FORT WAYNE, IN – As riots raged across Indianapolis, Senator Mike Braun joined Black Lives Matter protestors and introduced legislation to make it easier for left-wing activists to sue police officers.

Braun turned his back on the police when they needed him most and when Indiana law enforcement leaders called him out, Senator Braun denied, denied, and denied some more.

But a recent Fact Check from State Affairs confirmed that “Braun filed a bill in 2020 while serving in the U.S. Senate limiting qualified immunity for police officers.”

Hoosier law enforcement won’t let him get away with it: late last year, Henry County Sheriff John Sproles spoke out against Sen. Braun’s anti-police record.


As Sheriff Sproles said:

Like many of you I supported and voted for Mike Braun, but like too many career politicians who go to Washington DC, he turned his back on us when we needed him most. Instead of standing up to the radical liberals in Washington. . . Braun took up their cause.

When I dared ask him about it, he told me that law enforcement only made up a few thousand votes in the state. . . to Senator Braun, law enforcement votes are simply a number.


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